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Currently situated in Italy, Timothy is looking to connect with artists, booking agents, and professionals whom he can collaborate with to further provide his service and reach more people. Timothy loves to perform and desires to constantly share his passion. Read more about Timothy's experience below.

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After playing his first events and club gigs in Italy, Timothy moved to Arizona in 2014 looking for new ventures. Exploring the scene, he joined Specto Entertainment (partnered with Relentless Beats) as a promoter and DJ in Tucson, which led to him to play main stage shows with headliners such as Kid Ink, Will Sparks, Ghastly, Dirty Audio, and many more.


While growing his network, Timothy was able to Dj gigs in Tucson, from college parties and local bars, to nightclubs and underground shows.


Timothy was eventually booked outside of the local, from Phoenix in Arizona, to Honolulu in Hawaii, and back to Rome in Italy.


Throughout the years Timothy added more variety in his dj sets. Much can be attributed to the shows he has attended and the dj peers he was able to play alongside with, from which he took inspiration and knowledge. One of these is Redbull Threestyle World Champion Dj Damianito, whom Timothy has played alongside with in Trastevere, Rome. These moments have led Timothy to share his musical taste and desire to perform for people on many occasions.


Timothy played a multitude of events to share his passion with different audiences. While traveling back to Italy, for example, Timothy played from smaller and more intimate shows in nightclubs, to festivals and larger crowds where he opened for the likes of Steve Aoki and Benny Benassi.

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