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It's been a few crazy months!

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

These past few months have been a blast! I've had gigs almost every weekend, it's been lots of fun.

⭐️In February I DJ'd an 80s music night where I played Italian and English/American rock and funk music. The dancefloor was hot all night!

⭐️At the start of March I played a few private events for local music venues in Udine ( Northeast Italy) - Check last post here!

⭐️Mid-March I took a plane to the Netherlands where I hung out with a friends o have their own band and explore the local music scene with them!

⭐️My latest gig was in Pradamano, Udine where I performed back-to-back-to-back with some of my dj friends. We rocked the dancefloor with some house, electronic, and hip-hop music!

Watch a few clips from that night HERE ⬇️




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