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Yardie (Udine, Italy) with @Muud Last Night!

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Hey! Had a dj set at Yardie in Udine last night for another party sponsored by @Muud !

The intent of the event was to promote Udin&Jazz, a 3 day event coming up in Udine which will host great artists from the international jazz scene.

About Yardie: Yardie is a pub located in Pradamano (UD). It's spacious, yet feels very intimate at the same time. It is well known for hosting live shows of bands and djs.

Yardie is great place to chat and enjoy a few drinks with your friends, but it also invites you to move your feet when there's a show!

We ended up getting a little loose and filling up the dancefloor (video below)!

⬇️ Check out the poster (1) and a short clip (2) from the set below!


@itsgazzmusic also played his dj set and it was sick, crowd was vibin'!

👀 By the way, looks like I got a new nickname around here!


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➡️ Check out Muud podcast:

➡️ Check out Yardie on facebook:

➡️ Check out Gazz (Dj and Producer):


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