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Udin&Jazz Winter 2021

Udin&Jazz just closed it's winter edition last night. Muud podcast interviewed the artists of jazz festival each nights after the show, and people were welcome to join the event in person or to watch the live stream on their social platforms.

I got to attend two of the three evenings in person and it was quite special to see it live. Along with the interviews, the podcast hosted live performances of young upcoming artists from Udine and its neighboring provinces.

On the second night of this three day event the performance was given by Nabiz Experience, a band who's group is composed of six Udine locals. Their music was groovy and their energy was contagious. And on the third night of Udin&Jazz, the podcast invited Aurora Rays, a talented singer and composer who's voice had the crowd blown away.

Here's a few short clips from those evenings (links to the artists below):

Nabiz Experience

Aurora Rays

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